Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What does an encrypted file look like?

You already know that you should send your confidential files securely. And you've heard about encryption. But what does encryption do and how does it secure your files and protect your data?
At a high level, encryption is the process of converting readable data into unreadable data. The idea being that you don't want eavesdroppers or hackers to be able to view your data. There are many ways to complete this conversion process. The recommended approach is to use an existing method that has been developed by cryptographers and mathematicians (as opposed to creating your own). Send Files Securely has selected one of the strongest and most popular encryption algorithms, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

So, what does an encrypted file look like after it has been uploaded using Send Files Securely?
Suppose this is the file you are sending and it contains your account number-

Upon uploading this file at SendFilesSecurely.com, your file would be securely transmitted over an encrypted channel (SSL/TLS) and automatically encrypted (AES). The result would be a secured, unreadable file stored at our secure storage facility-

Files remain in an encrypted state until they are downloaded, at which point a readable (decrypted) version of the file is transmitted to the recipient over an encrypted channel.

The example above is for a simple text file, however, the encryption process is the exact same for any type of file, whether it's a 500 page report, an image, an audio/video file, or anything else. 

Send Files Securely handles all of the encryption for you providing a simple, yet secure way to transfer your files safely over the Internet.

*Note- In addition to encrypting the file itself, Send Files Securely also encrypts the file name since it too may contain confidential information.

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